Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control

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Logitech Harmony 665 Advanced Remote Control - Brand New

Logitech harmony 665 advanced remote control is simple-to set up, easy to use, and gives you better control of your home entertainment. Online setup makes it easy to program With no clumsy trial and error codes. Use activity buttons to turn on all the right devices to the right settings with just one button press. Customize 23 programmable buttons to jump right to your favorite channels. And harmony remotes work with 270, 000+ devices, including Apple TV and Roku, so you’ll have the control you need-today and tomorrow. Harmony 665 makes juggling multiple remote controls a thing of the past.

  • No need for multiple remotes or remembering what to turn on or which input setting to use. Just press one button and harmony does it all for you
  • Say goodbye to that jumble of remotes once and for all. Combine up to 10 old-fashioned remotes into one
  • Go directly to the shows, movies, and music you love with 23 customizable Channel favorites
  • If things get off track, on-screen helps will walk you through the steps to get everything working again
  • Harmony does the setup work for you. There are no confusing button combinations to press or codes to enter. Get to using your remote faster, with less frustration
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