Gator Replacement AC Adapter for Apple Macbook Air, Retina 11" Magsafe 2 14.85V 3.05A, 45W Charger New

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  1. Gator Replacement AC Adapter 14.85V 3.05A, 45W Magsafe 2, T Shape AC Adapter Charger for Apple MacBook Air, Retina 11 inch - 13 inch Model A1436 - New


  • Magsafe 2, 14.85V 3.05A, 45 Watts Magsafe 2 AC Adapter
  • Compatible with Apple MacBook Air, Retina 11 inch - 13 inch
  • Input  AC 100-240V 15A 50-60 Hz
  • Output 14.85V, 3.05A, 45 Watts

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