Powermat Portable Wireless Charger for 3 Devices (PMA compatible) - Black

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Powermat Portable Wireless Charger for 3 Devices (PMA compatible) - Black

System requires both a mat and a receiver for wireless charging.  Receivers sold separately.

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Charge your favorite devices with the POWERMAT Wireless Charging Mat Charge your devices without the tangle of wires. Features Charge three devices simultaneously ◦Plus one additional using wired USB connection Includes home and office mat, power supply One (1) Powercube Universal Receiver ◦Universal Receiver features 8 interchangeable tips ◾MiniUSB ◾MicroUSB ◾Apple ◾Samsung ◾LG ◾Nintendo DS Lite and DSi ◾Sony PSP ◾eReader Smartphones and electronic devices are not included. Additional receivers are sold separately

  • A simple, fast and efficient way to keep all of your personal electronic devices charged
  • Portable Powermat folds up for easy travel--includes carry case with magnetic lock
  • Four charging positions--three wireless, and one wired USB connector for charging a fourth device
  • Individual tone and light controls; auto power-off for each device when charging is complete
  • Includes Universal Powercube with 8 interchangeable tips (Mini and Micro USB, Apple, Samsung, LG, Nintendo DS Lite and DSi, and Sony PSP)


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