NHL 21 for PS4 PlayStation 4 Game - Brand New Sealed

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NHL 21 for PS4 PlayStation 4 Game - Brand New Sealed

  • A brand new be a Pro experience gives you the chance to live the life of an NHL player, on and off the ice
  • Impress the front office, go early on Draft day, and chase greatness as you earn your spot on the first line, compete for the Stanley Cup, and become the league’s next best
  • Hut is an NHL 21 game mode that allows you to create your fantasy lineup of NHL players, alumni, and icons, and compete with them online
  • Gameplay in NHL 21 has gotten smarter, faster and a whole lot flashier. Recognize revolutionary with gameplay in NHL 21
  • With innovative moves and massive improvements on both sides of the Puck, players have more options than ever before to take control of the game and impose their playstyle on opponents
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